Showcase - Necron Royal Court

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I take a royal court usually consisting of a Veilt Cryptek, Voltaic Staff Cryptek and an Abyssal Staff Cryptek. These add a variety of tactics and specialist weapons that can be distributed as appropriate throughout the army.

This guy is usually my Abyssal Staff Cryptek. he was actually the test model for the army and probably has one of the more consistent paint jobs as he was painted alone whereas the rest of the army was a massive batch paint.

Now the Cryptek with Voltaic Staff. He usually sits with Zandrekh chump blocking most challenges if needed. The Staff is useful but quite situational.

The old Necron Lord Model is one of my favourites in the range so I had to use him even if he is not being used as a Necron Lord. This guy is my Veiltek and he takes a group of immortal just like a mini Obyron and they go grab objectives or take opportunistic cracks at removing HP from vehicles.

We have now covered my Necron armies HQs so next time we shall be taking a look at some troops.

- Martok

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