Showcase - Necron Warriors

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With the Necron army Showcase rolling on we are now up to the troops section. This time we take a look at the warriors. There are 30 in the army but we shall take a look at one to see the painting approach taken.

I laid down the silver and highlights with the airbrush before going back in with the brush to throw around some Sepia wash to weather the metallics.

I also painted up the shoulders and added the unit marking (just red stripes). Next up was the red OSL which is all brush work.

Then it was time for some armour chipping. This was mainly applied to the shoulders as it shows up better on the white than the silver. This was done with a sponge.

Finally I went back in with the airbrush to give the Gauss weapons a green glow. I did this for all 30 Warriors in one batch... pretty sure I won't be so keen to try that again :p

Next in this Necron army Showcase series will be the immortals.

- Martok

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