Showcase - Necron Annihilation Barges

by - 11:27

The Necron army Showcase continues!!! This time a two for one with both of the Annihilation Barges.

These took quite a bit of work... and if you notice I still haven't highlighted the cabling (need to do that on all the vehicles actually). The actual OSL went pretty well with these guys and this was the point I wished I had just done Green and Blue OSL and missed out the Red but this is something learnt and will not be repeated.

- Martok

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  1. Love your stuff!
    But why the green cables...
    I understand with Gaus which is all green (generally) but with blue Tesla barrels, it seems kind of jarring to have the cabling in green.
    Although it does provide a highlight.

    1. Your not the first person to mention this. I batch painted the army and when I was doing the cables I did them on everything so I guess it was auto pilot. I think I will go back and change this though. Thank for the input.

    2. Ohh ok, it did seem out of character, all your models are just amazing, and it kind of stood out :P

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