Tournament - Bristol Vanguard's Vanquish 2013

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On Friday we packed up and departed with the boys from Promethean Games for Bristol Vanguard's Vanquish Tournament 2013. We decided to head up early and check out the Vanguard Wargaming store. I must say we were very impressed. Up top you can see Renegade giving a cheeky grin before we start a game with Lucif3r and another buddy setting up beside our board. Read on for more on the shop and the Tournament.

First thing to note about Vanguard Wargaming is their literally jaw dropping terrain. Just look at the lava board above. It was a joy to play (and win :) ) over.

My friends Typhus that you may remember me posting some WIP pics of and I promise some proper showcase pics just as soon as my Necron series is finished.

My Necrons lined up against Renegade's Wolves. Seriously terrain like this really adds to a game. The funny thing is most of the boards had been packed up already for the tournament the following day so to have such quality "left over" is pretty surprising.

We played through two games on the Friday night and had some food (and a couple of bevvies) at a local pub on the water side which was a nice change from grabbing a sandwich between games like we do at home (or a beer at the local but still no waterside).

The team at the store were very informative showing us some of their WIP terrain so we could get a better idea of how they produce such great quality terrain. Some real tips were picked up on the Friday for sure and I think I shall be getting a lot more foam to work on some table projects of my own.

The games went on for quite some time the second game being between my Cron horde and a Typhus Zombie horde... the staff were very accommodating even though they had a tournament to go setup so once again thank you very much Vanguard Wargaming!

Unfortunely, I did not get any pics of my first game but my second game was against Crons. Cron on Cron games would prove to be my only losses so having two games of this match up was a real struggle. However, my opponent in the second game Alex (I think that was his name) was a really great guy he understood the Cron dex very well and we had a pretty close game with some really good conversation both Cron related and general banter.

Again you can see a great standard of terrain on this board. The central Chaos Shrine dominated the game with both of our forces wheeling around the central LoS blocker.

We had a Wraith on Wraith fight that lasted 4 turns with me rolling a ridiculous number of 3++ saves with my two then one wraith massively outnumbered.

The boys from Promethean I think just after the first game. Worth noting guy on the left took 7th I think and on the right took 9th. Two top tens for the team will do :) 

Again look at that terrain!!!

Seriously these guys are a boss terrain team Warhammer World should really take note!!

This was my third game and we were playing on the table with the arch shown above. As this game was relic with hammer and Anvil deployment you can imagine how much that terrain piece dominated the game. In all honesty it was great to be playing around something so impressive.

This game was a real wrestle with Nids and Crons at point blank range under that arch. Great fun and again another great player.

Due to poor planning and a slight hangover Sat followed by a massive one on Sunday I didn't get the pics I was hoping to so I could report on each game and to my other opponents I am sorry I could only show a little of two of my games but this tournament was a blast with every single game being great fun with some brilliant hobbyists. 

I was at Vanquish in 2011 I think and that was a good experience with some nice terrain. I really have to say that Vanquish has upped it's game considerably since then doubling the size without compromising on terrain at all. Add to that a much tighter rules pack and after initial grumbles I even enjoyed the challenge of listing writing with some strict comp rules.

Well done Bristol Vanguard and Thank you very much for a great time. I should also not forget to thank my opponents and just as importantly the boys from Promethean!!

- Martok

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  1. "The boys from Promethean I think just after the first game. Worth noting guy on the left took 7th I think and on the right took 9th."

    But the guy in the middle Killed more stuff than any of the rest of the team! Khorne's Champion!!!

    1. How could i forget dude hero status achieved!


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