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Army Lists - Necron 1750 Redesign

When I built my Necron army it was designed from the gound up to work with the comp rules for Bristol Vanguard's Vanquish tournament.

The tournament was last month and I am now looking at removing the comp and adding some teeth back in. See the list after the jump break:

Necrons - 1750pts

Nemesor Zahndrek

Vargard Obyron

Royal Court
Despair Cryptek with Veil
Despair Cryptek with Abyssal Staff

Destroyer Lord
Sempiternal Weave
Mind Shackle Scarabs

5 Immortals

9 Immortals

20 Warriors

9 Warriors

Ghost Ark

Fast Attack
6 Wraiths      
3 Whip Coils

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge

So what have I changed.. First off I have taken the Doom Scythe out. I am sure if you spam them they can cause headaches but in 90% of the games I have played, this unit has done nothing other than either getting hit by a Quad Gun or managing to kill one or two models before biting dirt. Personally I think the strength of Necrons lies with their troops and not the gimmicks.

In goes a Destroyer Lord to shore up my Wraiths giving out some preffered enemy love as well as a solid challenger with his Mindshackle Scarabs. Finally with the points left over I add in another wraith leaving me with 5pts to spare (only thing I coudl upgrade with 5pts is a Void Blade for the Destroyer Lord but htat woudl be very silly).

The actual tactics for this list are relatively simple. The large unit sits back with Zandrekh and the Ghost Ark supporting them. The Wraiths charge forward to hopefully take out any nasties aiming to sweep my large unit. Finally the squads joined by Obyron and the Veiltek teleoprt to take late game objectives/line breaker.

Simple stuff. However, I have been looking at the new IA12 Warlord Traits table and I am very interested so you may see another tweak to try and run with that ruleset. We shall see.

- Martok

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