PIP - Horus Heresy Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

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My first Horus Heresy Blood angels Contemptor is well on his way to being finished. The Airbrush work is done and 99.9% of the brush work is done. I am going to go back in and try to highlight the gold sections with some Advice from my buddy Joel to use a silver with some added white for a sharp highlight. Also now I see the pic above I need to work on the lenses a little more.

I still haven't decided what I think is the best pose for this guy luckily as he is totally magnetized I can play around with this forever :).

I was really pleased with the way the Sons of Horus Razorback hatch looks and I think i am getting happier with painting their colour scheme... I might have to paint a one off model just for the practice (and because I want to ha).

Above you can see a better view of the FW Blood Angels Brass Etch that I have used. The Brass Etch really helps add extra character to somewhat generic models. 

The basing is pretty early at the moment with base colors and some washes. I shall have to highlight it up and maybe give it another wash. Then onto oils and pigments.

I also want to try some heat bloom on the gun barrels like I have seen Joel do on his Contemptor here.

There isn't that much left to do but it will all take some time. With any luck I shall be able to run a Showcase post for him soon.

- Martok

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