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I spent the bank holiday Monday visiting some friends at BattleUX (Uxbridge Gaming Club). There were some great games going on during the day including a demo of Dropzone Commander (a game I have been quite intrigued by). 

I just have to share this pic of a Tzeentch style forest board. Really great example of the quality terrain that BattleUX have available.

The main event. Me and Gormag threw down 35pts of Warmahordes. I once again attempted to wrestle the Dragon. It looked good for awhile... and then my Avatar went down which was promptly followed by my Cinerators.

I definitely learnt a lesson about over stretching with my force as when i lost that flank my other flank was out of reach to help.

The above shot was just before we got to grips with one another's armies. TBH I am still a Warmahordes n00b but I am getting there... I am determined to get more Warmachine games per month.. shortly to be derailed by Infinity.. more on that soon though :)

- Martok

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  1. It was a very good game, the avatar has really allowed you to open up your play style and get the best out of your caster.

    1. The fact that I was able to be little more aggressive with Reznik was really cool. If he had been an inch closer he would have pulled off his Engine of Destruction on your Scythean. That might have stopped the full collapse when the Scythean went crazy :)

    2. The scythean is a very nasty beast when it's chain attack connects.
      Your army is very imposing on the table, against a less mobile force I think it will do very well.
      The next game will be a lot closer I think, I won't let you kill the swordsmen so easily next time :P


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