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Legion of Everblight on the move!!

It's been a while, but finally I have found the time to add to Martoks excellent work.

There is a Warmachine & Hordes tournament coming up at the end of June, the perfect motivation to get my 35 point force painted and ready to destroy all before it in the name of Everblight, this is my progress report for week 1 of preparations.

Finished the striders this week

Now the mission for today is to get the shepherd painted, this is a doubles event and I will be playing with my long term Warmachine adversary (and the only person I know who has been playing it since that first release at Salute over a decade ago) and good friend, Lord Kroll, I will upload some of his fantastic work over the next few weeks.  He is taking along a Cryx force, so the 2 dragons are united against the forces of the Iron Kingdoms at last!

The list has changed a bit recently (to Martoks dismay) and so far it is performing brilliantly.  Fingers crossed it keeps working well.

More uploads to come in the next few weeks.

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