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I have actually made some progress with the Word Bearers. After putting together the Chaos Lord my passion for the project has really kicked in. There is still a lot of work to be done and now I have some photos I am noticing a lot of areas that need fixing but he is progressing well.

As stated in an earlier post he is converted from the WFB Chaos Lord with some choice bits added to the model and the base adjusted for a 40k style round base.

For a change I have been doing my blending back to front on this guy. I usually work from low to high shading but this time I have started that way and then kept adding various washes (purples and blacks) to tone it all back down. Then adding highlights to keep the red popping. I felt that this was more appropriate for the Word Bearers as they are definintively Grim Dark.

The metallics followed a similar painting process as the armour (with Sepia and Black washes this time) at first I was ready to strip the model and start again but in the end it all pulled together (thankfully). It is funny how that happens quite regularly; a model appears completely trashed and then with a final wash/highlight it all works out. 

Here (and a few other places) you can see where I fixed some mistakes and now need to go back in with the washes again to finish the red (the barrel section on the backpack etc. The cloak is still in a primered state. I am looking at different ways to get a rich black cloth look but I shall take my time with it as rushing it will leave it somewhat lack luster and getting it right could really step up the final look.

Of course when almost everything is done I will be adding some scrawling text to the armour, however, I may paint the line infantry first and try it out on one of them. The text will be white so to shade the text ill need to add some really soft washes so testing that out will save some heartache.

- Martok

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