Showcase - Horus Heresy Blood Angels Chapter Champion

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The Blood Angels are nearing the minimum 2 troops and HQ I need to be able to use them on the Tabletop in a painted state. For the time being (read until I get a Praetor to hack up and convert) this guy will be my HQ.

The conversion is relatively simple as it is mainly a kitbash. The legs are actually made from 3 different pairs of legs to get the right pose with the minimum of sculpting needed.

He is essentially my version of the FW Champion model suitably blinged out as a Blood Angel with Deathmask etc.

These Blood Angels are one of my first real attempts at weathering and more detailed custom basing. I intend to make a post specifically about this in the future. Essentially the idea is that they are at the Battle of Terra. Therefore the basing is meant to look as apocalyptic as possible.

I am still undecided whether he should have a banner like the Sergeants will. It is not a major concern as I will be painting the banners in one go at the end of the army to ensure that they are consistent.

Time to get back to the painting table.

- martok

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