Campaign - Mordheim 2013 Week 6

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The campaign at my FLGS is nearing the end. If you want to know more details about the campaign are available on their Facebook Page

This week I managed to continue my new tactic of cowardice and survival :) After losing so much of my warband in vainglory at the beginning I have resolved to try me best to not hand out easy XP to the other players.

We will be running a development campaign so we can work out a few house rules for Mordheim. This is just to iron out a few weird corner cases in Mordheim rules and also to consider some other warbands that we could add. So as well as getting in a few games I have also been working on my next warband the Carnival of Chaos.

Above you can see my brute on the left and my leader on the right. Although not necessarily the "carnival of chaos" I shall be modelling these guys out and out as Nurgle mingers. As the warband develops I shall be sure to blog their progress.

Finally, from the games this past week I have put together another  piece of fluff. For the previous posts on Mordheim with the rest of the fluff look here:
A Fury Unleashed
The Watchmen wandered the streets of Mordheim in silence. After a time, anxiety began to set in. No one knew where Ruben was leading them and the expression on his face and the white of his knuckles from clenching his son’s sword kept their question in their heads.
A roar broke the silence. They all knew what Ruben had been waiting for when the fire in his eyes were lit. An unquenchable rage unlocked. He had been looking for the Beastmen and now he had found them. The Watchmen were no longer fighting to uphold law but good old revenge!
They closed on a group of buildings and a cacophony of barks and roars grew louder with every step. The bowmen of the group picked out a shape and without uttering a command Ruben opened fire and his Watchmen followed his lead. They hit whatever creature was lurking and its roar was terrible as it turned to charge. The creature seemed to grow as it approached the light with smaller creatures keeping to the shadows behind. Still arrows flew but the creature would not go down. Finally as the creature appeared in the light they realised too late that this was no Beastman or Centaur; they had stumbled upon a troll. As the Watchmen started to lose their nerve at this suprising encounter Ruben put an arrow through its eye. The group cheered their Captain as the creature fell but the fight was not over. The troll had companions of its own and as the light met these shapes the green skin of Orks could be seen all too well. The orks charged and to their credit the watchmen returned the fury with wounds inflicted upon both sides. Just as the skirmish appeared to be turning in the favour of the Watchmen the Troll began to rise. With Ruben’s fury spent he regained his senses and his tactical mind returned. 
“Retreat! Retreat before they regroup!” with his order made the Watchmen fled before the troll could unleash a fury of its own.
The morning after that encounter Ruben talked with his men. He gave any who wished to leave free reign to do so. That they could either return to the Watch in Marienburg or they could leave as free men to find a new life. Law was no longer his concern. Vengeance was all that mattered. He would hunt the wastes of the Damned City until he found the beasts that had eaten his son and he would butcher them as the animals they were. 
Now the hunt was on. They went on their way deeper into the city. Not long after they set off that morning they were set upon by Marauders. Once this would have surprised the Watchmen but they were hardened to the dangers of Mordheim now. Already guarded before an enemy appeared they opened fire as one as soon as they had been spotted. The bowmen found their vantage points and hammered the attackers while the Swordsmen moved to a central building lying in ambush. As the Marauders appeared chasing headlong after the bowmen they were met by steel and blood slicked the streets. It was over before it had begun and the Marauders broke for safety.
The Watchmen had been bloodied by the City of Mordheim but they would not be broken by it.
The search continued for the Beasts of Mordheim; The eaters of the dead. Finally the Watchmen came across an encampment. After the false encounter with the Orcs the group was wary of blundering into a fight that need not happen again. So it was that they sent forward the Bowmen and watched their backs as they worked forward for better view. Just as they sighted the men around the camp fire they realised too late that there was a scouting party of their own returning to the camp. Caught between the two groups they were sure to be seen. Ruben closed the ranks and pulled the bowmen back and as the enemy scouts sighted them and moved against them they fought a fighting retreat. More time wasted in the hunt for the beasts.
I am hoping to get some games in this weekend as well as further progress on the Carnival of Chaos. However, I am determined to get my Word Bearers painted and ready for the table top so they shall be taking priority in the painting queue.

- Martok

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