WIP - Fixing up the man cave

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My weekend was spent sifting through boxes of models and bags of bits in a bid to clear up my hobby work space in an effort to make it more efficient. It was not the best way to spend a hot weekend but it was successful nonetheless. I got myself this double tool box with all my casting stuff in the bottom one and all of my modelling tools and supplies (plasticard etc) in the top one so I have immediate access while working on models.

In addition to sorting out the actual work space I cleaned out my cupboard which was supposed to be half display and half storage but had become really messy storage in its entirety. Sorting this out meant that I could actually display some of my armies. My Space Wolves (choatic flavour) above which barely fit on one shelf...

Then we have my nids a list of beasties which I shall be adding a Tervigon to in the near future... really need to get some games in with these guys.

Hobby time has been short recently and the time I have had has been spent trying to find x or y part/model/project. This puts every modelling and painting resource I have at arms reach so with a few days off work this week I am hoping to get the Word Bearers at least close to finished. If that goes well who knows what I will pick up next :)

- Martok

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