Tournament - Warmahordes Steamroller Doubles 2013

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Hi boys and girls, well it was a long Saturday at the doubles Warmahordes tournament. I would firstly like to say how smoothly the day went, I have been to a lot of tournaments over the years, and this was my first Warmachine event, but it will not be my last.

The Heavy Brigade Club in Thatcham did a fantastic job, more details on the event after the jump.

So after a silly o`clock start Saturday morning we arrived in Thatcham for the day, I was playing with my old friend and fellow Warmachine veteran Lord Kroll, we were using a Legion of Everblight and Cryx list, 35 points each for a total of 70.

Game 1, vs Cygnar (Epic Haley) and Cryx (Denegra)

This game did not go so well for us, the Stormwall proved to be a bit of a pain for us to deal with, and we ended up losing due to the scenario (and Lord Kroll having a complete brain fail with Denegra) so this game was a loss for us, it was good fun though, and we learned one very important lesson, we needed coffee!!!!!!!

Game 2, vs Cygnar (Darius) and Cygnar (Kara Slone)


This was a very good fun game, probably the most fun of the day (which says more for how good this game was than the other games we played) and was a lot closer than the end outcome would have you believe, the Stormwall fell to the power of prey and Nightmare, whilst the Legion did the damage to Kara and her units on the other flank, the end result, Kara dead and 6 points for the scenario, a win!!!  We learnt that having the coffee at the start of this game was the key, and something not to be forgotten in the future!

Game 3, vs  Khador (Vlad) & Cygnar (Epic Cain) bit of a cygnar pattern occurring here   

This game went very well for us, we got 5 scenario points from it and killed both enemy casters (Cain doesn`t do to well taking on Denegra dropping his defence and then Thagrosh hitting him) for a bit of a crushing win, we were finally starting to get to grips with how to use our forces together in this game, and we were doing well, 1 loss 2 wins, but how would game 4 go?

Game 4, vs Legion of Everblight (Epic Thagrosh) and Cryx (Asphixious)


This game looking like it was going to be a tough one, and we were correct, but once we got the Lich destroyed (Carniveans do love crunching on casters) we managed to stabilise to win on the scenario points.

So 4 games, 3 wins and 1 loss, a very successful day for team Double Dragons, and when the scores were counted and the results announced we were very proud to finish 3rd.


It was a great event by all involved, and I and the others that I went with from Battle UX are planning on attending more of there events in the future.

And just as a taster, soon you will be seeing more of Lord Krolls work, and here is a little taster of what is to come

Remember to have fun, and keep gaming.

- Gormag

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