Campaign - Mordheim 2013 Week 4

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The campaign at my FLGS  is thriving with the shop having moved into a larger unit and even talk of a custom board. Further details about the campaign are available on their Facebook Page

For now take a look at my PIP Warband and then my next installment of fluff.


Champion 1

Champion 2

Promoted Marksmen

Young Bloods

Marksmen with Crossbows 1

Marksmen with Crossbows 2 (One died in this campaign)

Marksmen with Long Bows

Swordsmen 1

Swordsmen 2

This weeks installment of my Warbands fluff is below. If you wish to read the first few chapters they can be seen in my previous Mordheim post here.

Counting the Losses

To get out of Mordheim they could not keep running. Ruben decided that they would bring law to the lawless. Now getting to grips with the environment they fought over the Watchmen met more Reiklanders but this time refused to give ground. At the last the two sides agreed to withdraw.
With this bloodless skirmish over the Watchmen pushed on and met a straggler in the road. The man had walked out to meet them after seeing their uniforms. He revealed his name was Bram de Havik and that he was once a Watchmen of Mordheim. He had remained watching over his old town and protecting the few innocents still residing within the city. He requested that Ruben allow him to join the Watchmen of Marienburg and perhaps together they could restore some kind of order to the city. He had but one request; that Ruben lead his men to a Dwarf hideout to find two colleagues of his who had holed up when the Dwarves appeared.
As they arrived the Dwarves saw the Watchmens livery and recognized them from their brawl the week before. The Dwarves eager to repeat the lesson charged with the Slayers leading the way. This time, however, the Watchmen were prepared. Holding their ground close to their archers the Swordsmen waited for their chance at a clean counter attack. When the Slayers were within spitting distance Rubens eldest son Lars led the charging counter attack and slew a Slayer in single combat. Theo the Swordsmen slew another of the Dwarves Kinsmen. With that the over confident Dwarves were bloodied and withdrew to lick their wounds and add to their grudges.
The day was not over for the Watchmen, however, as is ever the way in Mordheim there is always another enemy waiting to seize upon the weakened. Predictably the Skaven appeared from the shadows as the Dwarves withdrew catching Rubens men unprepared and out of position. Ruben formed up his men to gather the Wyrdstone the Drawves had dropped before the Skaven could get their hands on them and as they did the two missing Mordheim Watchmen revealed themselves and fell back with Bram. With their new allies found they all withdrew before the Skaven could close the trap.
The game had changed now for Ruben. With a kindred spirit found in Bram de Havik a new found sense of purpose resolved appeared; rising from the misery of losing his brother. Bram spoke of restoring Mordheims watch and bringing order to the city once more. Ruben took this idea and made it their mission statement. From now on they would no longer be the Watch of Marienburg but the sole defenders of the laws of Mordheim. 
Tomorrow Gormag will be posting about his Warmahordes Tournament at the weekend and I shall be getting some Mordheim games in that evening. Should be a good week for my hobbying!

- Martok

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