Battle Report - The Long Goodbye

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A good friend and fellow gamer at the FLGS is leaving to work in Hong Kong. The gamers that we are the only suitable way to say goodbye was to put 8000pts on the board and fight it out. 

We had two teams, each with two players. We 2000pts of Grey Knights each on one side; the other with the guy leaving taking 2000pts of Chaos Space Marines and myself with 2000pts of Chaos Space Wolves. The mission was Big Guns Never Tire and deployment was Dawn of War

Grey Knights, off board and awaiting deployment

The forces of Chaos (I had no idea this was a photo op so my force is facing the wrong way.. wooooops)

The forces of Chaos were deployed very defensively with Zombie bubble wrap and a solid force from the center all the way to the right flank. The Grey Knights used the Fortress (which they paid the points for) to form the rock in their lines while the Dreadknights made their intentions clear... a full on flank march.

Dreadknights ready to throw down

Chaos fire base ready to meet the advance.

The Thunderwolves re-position ready to strike the far flank if needed. 

As predicted the Dreadknights rushed the flank and Mordrak ghosted in right behind the Chaos forces on that flank.

Post turn 1

Post turn 2

Grey Knights regrouping

Thunderwolves take a beating from the Storm Raven

Plaguedrake still refusing to join the battle sitting in reserves...

Combined fire really ripping into the Thunderwolves

Post Turn 3

The Plaguedrake arrives!

This Storm Raven wiped out a Long Fang Pack with snap shots..... this made me sad but made the Grey Knights very happy.

Plaguedrake is immediately put down by the Grey Knights air superiority but still managed to toast some Grey Knights.

Post Turn 4

Post Turn 5

Post Turn 6

Post Turn 7

VPs = 14-9

Victory for the Forces of Chaos!!!!!!!!!

The Grey Knights would assure you that they let Chaos win to ensure our friends last game was a victory. The truth however, was a hard fought battle with some significant swings in the balance. I managed to make it particularly close by managing to pointlessly move my own models off of objectives... if the game hadn't gone to Turn 7 we could have easily lost because of those mistakes. The Grey Knights played for every opportunity and held on to the objectives that they could.

A great game and a great way to say goodbye to a friend.

Have fun with your travels!

- Martok

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