40k Campaign - The Otu Gata Incident

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My FLGS is running their first Warhammer 40k Campaign this Autumn/Winter The Otu Gata Incident. They have gone all out with some interesting rules to drive the map based campaign.

We have been throwing around ideas for a campaign for some time and the organizers have really excelled themselves with some great ideas to keep the campaign fresh. These include special rules for units that survive games as well as special rules representing wounds for units that did not make it through a game. More details on the campaign rules can be found here.

One of the more interesting things about the campaign however, is this star map Promethean Games has made for us to fight over:

The organizers have assured that they will have a large print of this map in the shop for us to fight over using the Planetary Empires tiles from GW. They handed these tiles out a little while ago and people have been working on giving them a personal flavor. I am hoping to be able to get some nice pics of these tiles on Saturday as well as some coverage of the games to show what can be done to personalize a campaign for the particular forces taking part.

The campaign is actually kicking off this Saturday with a full day of furious campaigning. If you live in the area or just fancy taking a look head down to Promethean Games and get involved. If you cannot make the opening day then do not worry as the campaign has been built to allow drop in and drop out players to contribute to eh overall campaign even if some players cannot commit to a full campaign.

- Martok

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