PIP - Dark Vengeance Nurgle Chosen

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I have been having a ball painting these guys. They are 99% complete just need to chuck some weathering powders on them and the Dark Vengeance Chosen are ready for eBay.

The guy above is my personal favourite. That axe is just gnarly.

Lightning Claws Chosen just wants a hug. He shall have to settle for a paint job. The little bit of green that you can see has bled from the OSL on the eyes has now been purged for the record.

This Dark Vengeance Chosen model is a great sculpt. The funny thing about it though is that it looks like a better version of the actual Dark Apostle... I have not been able to decide whether that was a deliberate design decision or an accident though.

I am quite confused how I ended up with two of the powerfist guys (above and below). As far as I understand there are two of the bolter Chosen and one of these powerfist guys in Dark Vengeance. I can't complain. Too differentiate them I took the tip of the horn on his helmet off one guy.

Below is the trusty bullet magnet of the unit. As aforementioned I think I should have two of these guys but I don't so that is a little annoying... maybe he is lying in a box somewhere in my hobby cupboard...

- Martok

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