PIP - Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord Kranon the Relentless in Triplicate

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When Dark Vengeance came out I split a bunch of boxes with various friends in order to get hold of 60 cultists. I ended up with a lot of spare models some of which I shall use to give some build variety to my Word Bearers (which will be very useful in an upcoming escalation league at the FLGS) and others will be going spare. 

Out of those going spare are 3 Chaos Lord Kranon the Relentless'. I have painted them up in a batch and all that is left to paint are the cloaks.

These guys were really fun to paint. I used a similar method to the Fallen Angels I painted for a friend awhile back (he wanted a Nurgle theme) and the Word Bearer at the top^ was painted the same way as all of my Word Bearers have been (which hopefully you shall see some examples of soon).

When these guys are finished I have something special in mind for them so keep an eye out for a feature I will be running very soon.

- Martok

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