Blog Pize Draw - Night Lords Chaos Lord

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In order to thank you the readers and to raise the profile of the blog we are having a prize draw. I have finished my one off Night Lord which can be used as either a Chaos Lord or as a Warp Talon/Raptor Aspiring Champion.  


 All you have to do to win this model is to do one of the three things below:
  • Like us on Facebook here and share this post
  • Follow us on Twitter here and Retweet this post
  • Follow this blog on Blogger with the Widget to the right of this post
If you do all three your name will be in the draw three times. Drawing will take place in 7 days. Postage will be paid for no matter where wherever in the world the winner is.

If you have any questions comment either on the blog, Facebook or Twitter and I shall get back to you.

Good luck!

- Martok

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