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PIP - Word Bearers Bikers kitbashed from WFB Chaos Knights

I have been working feverishly to get these Word Bearers done. The big batch paint of about 100 models has now hit a point where I am picking up a unit at a time to finish off. Last night I managed to get the bikers to a point where I could varnish and leave them ready for a tournament this weekend. 

There is a lot more work to be done on these guys but for now they are ready to shed blood for Chaos.

I have to apologize for some particularly bad pictures as these were taken with my iPhone against some letters for a white background with barely any lighting and the varnish still wet and shiny... However, they do show where I am at pretty well. When I have all the blending perfected and pigments thrown on I shall do another post to showcase the unit (as well as a post show casing each unit of the army).

The first half of the blends are done which you can see has been quite roughly applied. Once the final purple wash goes on and then the bright red highlights it should make it pop nicely.

The bases are just some rough filler thrown onto a base with some bricks and skulls from Secret Weapon Miniatures and some stones I have stockpiled.

The Plasma Gun guys are a dirty kit bash but I think the gun is sufficient for the purpose.

I am not going to lie... these guys have been a pain and I have a great deal more respect for fantasy players getting huge blocks of cav painted as there is just so much detail going on.

- Martok

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