WIP - Planetary Empires Tile

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The My FLGS Warhammer 40k Campaign this Autumn/Winter The Otu Gata Incident requires players to have a "Home" tile from Planetary Empires. When you have one of these you can then start claiming territory. If not you are just brawling. 

As I am going for Word Bearers I wanted a suitably moody looking tile. I dug deep in the bits box to find some fire and pieces of tech that could work as generators etc. The core of the piece is the cathedral/church which is actually a Monopoly Hotel (don't tell the girlfriend!).

I wanted this dramatic path up to the Cathedral so I used some green stuff to build up a hill and then started smoothing out a path and what could be stone work bordering the path. A landing pad was a must and had to be big enough for a Thunderhawk/Stormbird. I think especially in this scale it should be...

Next important point was a comms array and this came from a Landspeeder. My favorite part has to be the massive Icon to Chaos... I am considering attaching some kind of guide cables as being under that in the wind would be somewhat nerve racking.

Hopefully, this shall be painted up by Saturday for the start of the campaign. Between this and painting my army I think I will need a lot of caffeine and not a lot of sleep this evening!

- Martok

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