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While getting the Word Bearers painted I have been messing around with a few little build projects. Usually I try to keep each project updated separately on here but as I have a little backlog on posts I thought I should give you a roundup. First up is the guys above. He will be a Tigurius/Tyrannic War Librarian I was commissioned to build. I won't lie, I am going to be sad to hand him over. A few cables and gap filling etc are needed to finish him off.

Finally with the new marine dex released recently I have opened the hallowed Minotaurs project box.

I am pretty much starting again with this project. Lots of models discarded from the work I did last year and I have removed all the models from their bases as I am planning some more resin casts of my own. However, I am in between going for the spartan statue style basing or to go for the boarding action basing? As it is a pretty big part of who the Minotaurs are I think a boarding action would be a good theme. If I did go this way though should I have Lamenters bodies laying about to show that particular boarding action in the Badab War? Or perhaps some red corsairs? You see I am not sure the Yellow armour of the Lamenters would lend itself to the bronze whereas a red might? If you have any thoughts on this please comment below as I am really unsure at the moment and could do with some advice.

With the new release I picked up a bunch of new kits. The first to get built are the Sternguard. Lots of gap filling to go and I need to make a decision on what helmets to use for the unit.

I have done some plasticard work to make some chunky additions to the puppets war pads. As the Minotaurs are pretty aggressive I think extra armour on the side facing the enemy is almost a must.

Finally after the tournament Throne of Lolz a little while ago I decided upon some small list tweaks. First and foremost I wanted to drop the Forgefiend who gave up First Blood i think 4/5 games.. at the same time I wanted to change the Obliterators as I was not happy with the conversions I had made. Therefore I introduce you to the Sorceror Obliterators!

Now these guys have split opinion in my gaming group with some people loving them and getting the "magic weapon" idea. However, some cant see past a mace as anything but a mace.. it is a fair point and I am considering removing the top spike of each weapon and drilling it out to give it a gun barrel of sorts... However I am worried that might ruin the aesthetic. Again any opinions one way or the other?

As these conversions use Death Wing Knights as the base model I needed to do a lot of cleaning to remove the icons and in some cases I then needed to cover up the spaces where an icon had been. As can be seen above and below I did a little Green Stuff work to add braids where the Dark Angel icon had been.

The shoulderpads for the most part I used WFB Chaos Knight shoulder pads as these are hands down one of my favourite conversion parts for 40k Chaos Marines... or pretty much any marine. I am always keeping an eye on bits sites restocking these. They add a gothic and brutal appearance to the model that would take a great deal of work to create myself.

The pads are great BUT they are hard to find as they sell out on bits sites very quickly. Therefore I used some Plasticard to make some pads of my own... not the best photo to illustrate.. 

It is worth noting I have left all of the Sword Icons on the Oblits (and they are noticeable on a number of my Word Bearers). I decided to use these to represent ritual blades as they have become a prevalent theme for the Word Bearers in the Heresy books.

Finally I had a crazy fun game on Sunday that went from me being 8-2 up on KPs to 8-8. Needless to say it was impressive. Above is a pic of a challenge from my Chaos Lord the Thresher of Souls against Mordrak. The Murder Sword came up trumps in that instance :)

- Martok

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