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News - TalkWargaming Blog Network

I was contacted by Lee from Talk Wargaming the other day about a new blog network he was setting up. After hearing his idea I was more than happy to join in. Instead of explaining his thoughts in my own words I shall quote him:
The Talk Wargaming Blog Network differs from the rest as you don't simple place an image on your site, you place a small piece of code that updates periodically with every post from the sites within the network. In essence the Talk Wargaming Blog Network is an extra "blogroll" that you place on your site. So instead of simply having an image pointing to the "host" site where your posts will display upon every single site within the network. Think of the TWG Blog Network as a web of interconnecting links that place your content far and wide.
I think we can all agree that this is a good idea. Importantly, it helps to develop a sense of community beyond simply sharing a button or image of a particular network. In essence the community will benefit from shared success. I think this is an exciting development to the blog network tradition and look forward to seeing where it can go.

To join please follow Lee's well laid out directions here.

- Martok

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