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A rare feature today. i have been working on terrain! I have had some bits and pieces stashed away for terrain and I finally took the plunge and started throwing them together. I thought I would start brave and try to build something big. My thinking on this is that I would run into every issue possible and thus learn a lot more about terrain then starting small.... First thing I have learnt is that I should have sketched this out before building it. Secondly that I need to research how buildings are actually constructed for more realistic structures.

The first stages were to attach the styrofoam block to the base. I did that with wood glue but if anyone has any suggestions for a better adhesive for this step I would appreciate the advice. After this I cut the relevant hols in the upper platform for the smoke stacks (cardboard tubes) . At least point I could dry fit the whole thing and check out the scale etc.

Now I moved on to some detailing. Detailing took a long, long time. First off I had to make the rivets with a 1mm hole punch which took an evening in front of the TV to get done. I laid down a traed plate to the platforms and then framed them with plasticard. This plasticard frame was then riveted with 1cm gaps... now I think this gives good detail however, i think next time I shall increase the spacing of these rivets as this drove me a little insane.

After adding some I-beams to the underside of the top platform as girders it was ready for another dry fit. At this point I attached the door which can be seen better below.

This was not a scratch piece but a bunker door I picked up from antenocitis workshop. This really helped save some time although I may consider making one of my own to cast up...

Here is a scale shot after I had done all the filling work etc. If I am honest I should have spent longer on this stage as I moved onto the rivets too quickly and some of the gaps were not adequately filled...


I decided that the piece was a bit light on detail so I added this machine/generator for the outside of the building. Hopefully by the time the piece is finished I shall add a few more little bits of interest to the model. However, first off I need to get some railings and ladders added to the model which will happen pretty much whenever my order for more supplies shows up.

- Martok

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  1. White Metal Games9 October 2013 at 11:56

    Looking good. How do guys get up the second level? Or maybe only jump pack mechanics work on this rig. =) Keep it up.

  2. Is it bad that I really want to make some jump pack mechanics now? That sounds like a cool unit :D Nah I shall be adding ladders with cages but they are currently on order awaiting delivery.


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