Warmahordes - Legion of Everblight Grotesques Unit Review

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I'm back for part 3 of the unit review series, still concentrating on the Legion of Everblight for the moment, and this week I'm going to take a look at Grotesques.

This unit is a very different unit for me.  I tend to focus on taking units that specialise and excel at a certain aspect on the battlefield, however this unit is not so specialised.

The Grotesques are a cheap unit (for Everblight) getting a full 10 man unit for the same cost as 6 swordsmen or a unit of Striders.  They have an average DEF and ARM, are SPD 5 and have claws for weapons, and an okay POW of 10.

This unit does have a couple of nice touches, however. One of the things you will notice instantly is that they have Flight, which might not look amazing on first glance, but the ability to have a unit fly over any obstacle or model to get in range to attack a preferable target can be a great bonus. A bonus that creates charge lanes your opponent will not expect, and make it harder to defend against.

They also have Gang, which this unit really needs to work effectively.  Having a lowly MAT of 5 means that a lot of units they encounter will be touch and go for the chances of hitting, they are on the wrong side of average, but the boost from Gang to an effective MAT of 7 tips the odds back in their favour. Combine this with the fact that their POW is effectively 12 as well and the unit starts to look very different for it's capabilities.  Add with Fearless and this unit should be more than capable of moving around the table and forcing your opponent to watch their flanks/units against a threat that will be able to engage them, even if there is a building in the way.

This is a unit I am looking forward to using with my new caster of choice, Bethayne, I feel that some of her upkeep spells will be a great bonus to the unit, making them even more effective at harassment.

After I get some more experiance with this unit, using it this way, I will post how well I have got them to work.

Thats it for another review post universe, I hope these articles are helpful (I have to admit writing them has helped me appreciate units in ways I had never thought about before).

I will be working through the rest of the Legion of Everblight book first, but let me know which force you would like me to do next.

- Gormag

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