Warmahordes - Warmachine Vengeance out March 2014

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 A new chapter of the Warmachine saga has been announced. Bringing new casters as well as Epic versions of old ones, this will give us a number of new options for tactics and list building.

Privateer Press say:

The nations of Khador and Cygnar are still reeling from their defeat at the hands of Cryx’s armies within the Thornwood. Meanwhile, the Protectorate of Menoth’s Northern Crusade seizes the opportunity to push into Umbrey while the besieged elven nation of Ios struggles to repel the skorne invaders at their gates. For Cygnar, a chance to retake the initiative emerges when an unusual Cryxian column is discovered heading south. The newly promoted Lord General Coleman Stryker marches to intercept, unaware of the true danger that awaits him.

WARMACHINE: Vengeance brings you the next thrilling chapter of the WARMACHINE saga. Answer the call to war with:

• New warcasters, including new epic versions of some of WARMACHINE’s original warcasters.
• Six new character novice warcasters who bring even more arcane support to their armies.
• New units and solos to expand WARMACHINE armies with new strategic possibilities.
• New narrative fiction picking up directly after the harrowing events ofWARMACHINE: Colossals.
• A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your forces for battle.
• Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which allow you to create armies based on specialized forces found in the WARMACHINE world.


Available in softcover (PIP 1055) and hardcover (PIP 1056).
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 March 19, 2014
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