Warmahordes - Legion of Everblight Spell Martyr Unit Review

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I'm back again for another installment in the review series, continuing the Legion of Everblight theme (surprise surprise) and this week I've decided to look at another solo, a solo I find very useful and can be a great option to surprise your opponent, the Spell Martyr.

This solo is one I have used a few times, and found to be a mixed bag to be honest, I've had it win me the game, and had it do nothing but use up a spare point, but for it's ability to assist, it's well worth taking.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can have 3 Spell Martyrs for the FA 1, something that can be very useful.

This solo is a suicide solo, it gets in position, and you have to use it, or it will be one of the most vulnerable solos you ever use, if your opponent gets a chance to take them out, they probably will.

The thing that makes this solo so special, is that it can channel spells, something that is severely lacking in Hordes forces (Warmachine players have no idea how lucky they are to have Arc Nodes) and this can add a real surprise for players used to just having to watch out for the Warlock casting spells.
They do have a penalty for doing this however, after the spell is channeled, they are removed from play, so you get one chance, the ultimate Legion of Everblight one trick Nyss, and as it's removed from play you cannot use it to get an Incubus into play (something that would make these solo's a bit too good).

This solo is also very caster dependent, I've personally had good effect using it with Thagrosh, but was rather worthless with Vayl.

That's about it for the Spell Martyr I'm afraid, I'm not sure what else to write on this solo, it's a bit like Ronseal.

Another week, another article, next week I will make sure it's a more interesting review, been a bit busy this week so decided to get one of the more basic ones out the way, have fun with your gaming, and let me know in the comments below which force you would like me to look at next, there isn't too much left for the Legion, and I don't want Martok to pick (I've given him enough tips as it is(Go on!! How to get around Thagrosh's feat with a Reznik Warband would be pure gold!!) ).


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