WIP - Minotaur Centurions

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I finally cracked open the Centurion box to build the unit for my Minotaur army. It appears the kit was designed to fit specific poses very well but this does not lead to easy reposing.

After considering a full reposing of the models and all the cuts I would need to make to the parts I decided to work with the stock poses. Instead I decided I could do something with the chest. This area of the sculpts just didn't look right to me. To start off with I cut off the detailing and smoothed the whole thing.

I then decided to try something like mk4 power armour. To do so I cut up some plasticars and chucked on some Minotaurs brass etch.

For some reason I decided this new chest piece needed up armouring so I added some more plating in front of the gorget. In hindsight this may have been a misstep but given the amount of time I spent working on it I can live with it staying.

I enjoyed making this kit which was quite the surprise seeing how restrictive the parts are. Nonetheless I think I managed a characterful unit without too much delicate conversion work.


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  1. Great work on the centurions! I really like what you have done with their armor, including the upper piece. What are your thoughts about the studs you added? I feel they might be a tad too large?

    Also will you bee adding all those under-slung weapons on their powerfists? I was never too fond of the look. The fists are already huge, and adding those massive lascannons/heavy bolters only increases the awkwardness. If you are planning to add them, maybe consider trying to cut down their size and integrate them more in their actual fists?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Adam,

    Unfortunately the studs are made from plasticard with the smallest hole punch I can get hold of. I have tried using green stuff but I have found to a very fiddly process and the finish is not uniform. Do you have any advice on a better way to do this?

    Yeah the design for the weapon mounts are pretty bad and I have seen some very good examples of both rifle versions and also shoulder mounted weaponry. I may go with the latter option but I am hard pressed to get the army finished for a tournament in April now so I might just make do. They will be magnetized so if I fancy a redesign when i have more time it is more than achievable.

  3. You could try buying some plasticard rods and simply cutting them to the desired length. I do not have to much experience in the matter, but that is what I would try. I am not sure exactly what size you would want, but here is a link with some possibilites: http://www.hobbylinc.com/cgi-bin/s8.cgi?cat_s=RE&str_s=plastic%20rods

    Finishing the army by April does not give you a huge amount of time. Keep on working, what you have thus far looks great!

  4. Some of those are very thin thanks! Might just bite the bullet and buy the somewhat more expensive rivet packs train modelers use.


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