WIP - Minotaur Terminators

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The unit is finally ready for paint. The hammers and shields will be finished alongside all the other weapons in the army (bolters etc) at a later date.

The Sergeant. I did consider casting Asterion's crest but in the end felt that as this guy is not the Chapter Master he should probably be a little understated compared. 

 As with the other Terminators the base model is a Death Shroud Terminator from Forge World with the chest piece cut out and replaced with the Sanguinary Guard sculpted torso. 

I then had to sculpt the abdomen which I felt would benefit from being squared rather than sculpted as per stock for the Sanguinary Guard chests. 

This would help break up the blocky nature of the model against the elegant torso.

To finish off I added Minotaurs Brass Etch from FW to detail the models further away from the Death Shroud aesthetic. Shoulder pads are then from the Deathwing Knights (for the Crux Terminatus) and FW Minotaur pads.    

I cannot lie. This unit has been a slog to work through. Custom sculpting the hammers and then casting has really slowed the build down, however, I feel I have achieved the look I set out for.

Finally I have them all pinned with the heads separate waiting to be painted. I have signed up for the Bristol Vanquish 2014 tournament and the Minotaura are the army I will be taking so this project will have to speed up!


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  1. Awesome looking terminators! You did a wonderful job with the torsos! They should feel right at home with Asterion. The etched brass also looks really nice.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I worked long and hard on the torsos. I think it shows. However, I still need to work on the hammers!!

  3. Fantastic looking terminators, you have done a fantastic job of combining parts form all over, and not just settling on the stock Forgeworld models (which are great on their own right, he he). You have done a very impressive job of fitting the brass pieces, and even better the sanguinary guard chest plates. The chest plates were a wonderful idea, and really inspiring to see, as it is clear you embraced the roman theme championed by by the Asterion model. And you did not shirk away from the challenge when the idea struck you and were able to achieve it, making the models look natural, as though they were always like that.

    I cannot wait to see them finished!

  4. Thanks Eric, it was indeed a struggle to blend everything in and I think I have learnt alot about putting different textures and shapes together and how to blend them in. Taking the boxy lines of the Death Shroud Terminators and putting them with the curves of the Sanguinary Guard torsos looked at one point to not work at all. After the abdomen plating was added it just worked a great deal better.

    Now to build Asterion! I should leave him stock but I have a feeling I wont be able to.

  5. Good luck with Asterion! I think he is one of FW's best models (Simon Egan is their best sculptor), so do not think he would need much modification.


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