Warmahordes - Legion of Everblight Warmonger War Chief unit review

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Its already week 2 of the new year (I'm still trying to work out what happened to Christmas) and I'm keeping pace with the series (Martok can be a bit scary at times, for a Princess(I am both beautiful and wrathful this is true), this week, to follow on from last week I'm looking at the Warmonger War Chief.

This is a solo I really enjoy using (a surprise after my Warmonger article I'm sure) and I will explain why after the jump.

The War Chief is a brutal solo, in the right place he can keep entire units busy, and is a threat that cannot be ignored, but he also needs to be positioned very carefully for this to work, even more so that the Strider Deathstalker.

He has a nice high MAT of 8 (10 with carnivore) which means he is going to hit the higher average DEF of 14 with a good consistency, something that means solos and units trying to flank will have to be careful around him.  Combine this with a POW 14 reach weapon and an effective charge range of 11" and he is going to be a serious threat to units with even decent armour, as long as they are not multi wound, and combined with his Berserk rule he has the potential to take out the entire unit, if you get him in the correct place.

His Blood Drinker ability also means that he is going to be able to repair and damage done to him on the way into combat, no need to worry about a few damage points (he has 8) when you can repair them with the dead enemy, but keep in mind this will end his activation, so it can also be used to stop Berserk from killing friendly troops, something he passes on to the Warmongers and Warspears as long as they are in his command range.

He also has another ability he passes on to the Blighted Ogrun, Veteran Leader, giving all your Ogrun +2 to their attack rolls (including ranged arttacks) as long as he is withing their LOS, something that I find isn't to hard to do with a little bit of careful orientation.

This is a solo that I really enjoy using, I find it to be a great solo for protecting a flank, or stopping harrasment units, he has the punch in melee to deal with more than your opponent would expect, and for the weaker Warlocks (in melee that is) he makes a fantastic bodyguard unit, and can stop a threat before it has even begun.

So there you have it, the Warmonger War Chief, a solo with a fair amout of bang, and a good value solo for 3 points.  Plus the model looks good and is a joy to paint.

Thats me done for another week, time to have a look and see what I will cover next week, possibly time for a bit of artillery.

Have fun in the new year, I will be back soon


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