Painting - Word Bearer Reinforcements

by - 12:00

Although I did not complete this batch of models over the weekend as planned I have at least got them up to a playable standard now. I may come back to these guys and add highlights/oil washes/weathering when time permits. Right now I am just looking forward to seeing them on the board.

Dark Apostle of Khorne on Juggernaut

 Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

My Obliterator Sorcerers Squad 1 

My Obliterator Sorcerers Squad 2

Finally painting the Obliterators is a personal result.. they have been waiting for paint for quite some time now so it is good to see them ready to game even if they are lacking a bunch of details.

Now back tot he Minotaurs!


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  1. Love the really rich red on these, Martok. Looking forward to getting a game against these in sometime.

  2. SOON! Red does seem to be becoming a calling card.


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