Warmahordes - Legion of Everblight Beast Mistress Unit Review

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I'm back, after a week off and a bit of a delay I have returned (and I couldn't take any more beatings from Martok) with the next installment in the unit review series. This week we are looking at one of the most interesting releases in the Gargantuans book, the Beast Mistress.

This solo is one of the most interesting in the legion force, and one that will allow for some very interesting options.  One thing to keep in mind is that she is not a warlock, she may hare some of their rules, but she does not count as one, the reason I point this out will become clear later.

She has a Battlegroup consisting of only lesser Warbeasts, I see this character with 3-4 Shredders being a nice solid multi-wound unit for 9-11 points, she only has a Fury stat of 4, so taking beasts that can be fury efficient is very useful, although her aggressive Field Marshal ability, allowing the Warbeasts in her Battlegroup to charge or run for free helps a lot.

Her stats are nothing to be amazed by, her Pathfinder ability is very useful allowing her to keep pace with her beasts.  Her DEF of 14 should help keep her out of harms way most of the time, but with a low ARM stat and 5 damage boxes, it won't take much to remove her from the game, although she can transfer damage.

Her spell list is decent, she has a ranged spell that causes the Corrosion effect, and another that allows her to gain additional movement from her beasts, something that should help getting charges from just the right angle, she also gains the spells from her lesser beasts.

The reason I pointed out the lack of being a Warlock is due to something I first considered doing with this solo, combining it with the Spawning Vessel and having a cheap way to get a nice, powerful multi wound unit that could potentially keep going for a long time adding to it's ranks and be a nightmare of a meat-grinder, however the Spawning Vessel can only add beasts to a Warlocks Battlegroup, and as the Beast Mistress is not a Warlock (although she has all the Warlock rules) she cannot benefit from this.

Well that's it for another week. I'm really looking forward to giving this solo a fair bit of game time in the future, if you've had any luck with it let me know.


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