Kitbash - Coteaz and Servitors

by - 12:24

Having had my precious Sternguard utterly ravaged by Coteaz, when playing a friend last week, due to his "I've Been Expecting You" rule I decided (once I had overcome my rage) to join the cheesy beard club and make my own Coteaz and crew for an Inquisitorial detachment.

Finding the metal Coteaz model I had tucked away was one thing, but it was the Servitors that were the most challenging/fun to build.  It wasn't a complex conversion by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to create a unique Servitor, whilst maintaining the "style" of the GW models.

So, hobby knife in hand, I scoured my bits box for Multi-Meltas and appropriate bits, I created this little gang.

C&C welcome, feel free to ask questions, or share your own kitbashed Servitors in the comments section.


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  1. I've been expecting yoooouuuu. And yoooouuu. And yoooouuuu!!!


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