Painting - Last batch of Minotaurs before Vanquish 2014

by - 12:00

I am running very close to my deadline. This is starting to look a little worrying!! However, fear not, basecoats are down on the vehicles and this should gather speed very soon. See where I am at right now, after the jump.

After these are done I need to put everything together. Cast some bases. Paint the bases. Throw some pigments about. Done. Maybe...


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  1. I hope you were able to reach your deadline, that is a lot of drop pods! The fire raptor should make a fantastic centerpiece for the army too. I have been meaning to get one...

    Having enjoyed your blog for a while now, I would like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award! Hopefully it will help bring new readers to your blog. You can find more details about the award here:

    I know going through all of the steps for this award are a little tedious, so I understand if you choose not to do so!

  2. Thanks Adam I really appreciate the nomination. I best write a blog post. Been awhile as I have been working on a new project

    Have no fear the blog shall continue in one form or another but while I put the dev work into the commission side of things posting will be slower.

    As for the Minotaurs... they were finished in time.. kinda. I shall be applying the finishing touches soon and getting some proper showcase pics for them.


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