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Well, it's been a while since we've posted.  Work still continues to keep me away from my hobby desk and Martok has been busy painting his Minotaurs, playing in a tournament and now taking a well deserved rest.  (Undoubtedly hatching more mad-cap schemes during his rest though!)

More after the jump.

Our gaming group played a small Mordheim game last year and we are running another one at the end of May.  Since we had a lot of 40k terrain, we played our games with that, but this time we decided to make a dedicated board with scratch-built scenery that would make our small skirmishes in the infamous City of the Damned even more awesome.

Over the next few days, I'll be posting the progress we've made on the board as well as the buildings themselves.  I'll also be uploading pictures of my WiP warbands, and trying to grab some photos of the opposing warbands off the other guys too.

I was guilty of using proxies and unpainted models in the last campaign, so this time I am determined to have a fully WYSIWYG and fully painted warband from the start.

I will be playing Mercenaries, either as Reiklanders or Marienburgers.

My opponents include:

- Witch Hunters
- Skaven
- Undead
- Dwarfs
- Carnival of Chaos

For now, I'll sign off, check back into BLOODYdice next week for some Mordheimy goodness.

- Dangermouse425

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