Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain Part 3

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Another Mordheim Terrain update in our Mordheim Board and Terrain series.

Part 1: http://bloody-dice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hobby-mordheim-board-and-terrain.html
Part 2: http://bloody-dice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hobby-mordheim-board-and-terrain-part-2.html

In today's post we'll take a look at the almost-fully constructed 4'x4' board, as well as some extra sections we've created to add variety to the games.

Here's the board with almost all of the tiles complete, including one of the bridge crossings.  We'll have another bridge made on the right hand side, where you can see the wall gives way slightly.  Warriors can also use the steps into the river, where they can wade across and use the lower ground to hide from enemy archers!

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These raised sections allow us to create more depth to the board, and can be used to make alleys and channels for our warbands to fight within.  Mordheim is a fantastically claustrophobic game, with warband members getting separated and having to fight like cornered rats (sometimes literally in the case of Skaven!) on the streets of the City of the Damned.

The raised sections were created with Hirsts Arts blocks as usual, and small wooden blocks were used to provide structural support to the sections, see here.

A wooden board is added in order to provide the base for more plaster blocks.

The top is slowly covered with cobbled slabs, and small resin barrels and crates will be added to add some variety and cover to the board.  Here we see a lonely crossbowman taking up a fire position to engage something on the hobby desk.  (Probably shooting at some unpainted Elysians...)

Here we have the complete raised section.  We thought about making the steps longer, but the scale looked off.  Form over function!  Who cares for wobbly model syndrome when your board looks great, right?  Here our intrepid crossbowman can be seen balancing rather nicely on the smaller-scale steps.  Note the small section of empty space on the plateau which will be filled in with sand and rubble to add further variety to the flat space, much like the larger sections on the main board.

Finally, an example of what the raised section could be used for, with one of the original Mordheim cardboard buildings.  I will be posting some updates on our own building construction in the next few days and weeks.

Thanks for checking out Part 3 of the Mordheim series.

Part 4 will be posted on Friday, which will show some of the buildings we're making.

If I can get my Mercenaries warband complete, I might post some pictures of them on Thursday.

- Dangermouse425

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  1. Lovely board so far, looking forward seeing it all finished and painted. Great job!

  2. Thanks, Johan, glad you like it!

    If you have any suggestions or other CnC, please feel free to let us know. This is the first time we've made terrain on this scale for a Fantasy-based game, so we're learning as we go!




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