Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain Part 4

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Welcome to the fourth part of our Mordheim terrain series, this time we'll be concentrating on the building construction work that has been going on in support of the epic board we've been making.

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Firstly, if you're only just checking out this series, check out the links for the first three posts:

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I'll let the pictures do most of the talking and just show you all the progress on the various buildings we've made so far.

This building uses a small foundation of Hirsts Arts moulds to elevate it above the ground, with HA moulds being used for the floor too.  The upper levels will have balsa wood flooring.

This building has the whole first floor made from bricks, with the second and above floors being made from a timber frame with wattle and daub, much like the Tudor houses of yesteryear.

We wanted to create buildings that gave us a variety of different levels to fight from, as well as gaps to allow makeshift bridges to be placed between buildings.  You can see some of the bridges in the first picture in this post, and I'll post some more pictures of them next week.

Using the Mordheim building sprue, we added windows and doors to the buildings.  Because of the number of window frames and doorways we'll be needing, we'll be casting these sprues so we don't run out.

As you can see, we ran out of windows at this point.  Better get casting!

Check back next week for some Warband WIP shots of my Mercenaries and some more terrain goodness!

Have a good weekend!

- Dangermouse425

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  1. Impressive amount of work going into this terrain. The finished product will be well worth the work, and really showcase your battles!


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