Moving on from BLOODYdice

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A few years ago I setup this blog as a place to track my projects and events that I had attended. Collaborating authors have joined me along the way and the family grew as it were. We are now at a point where the projects I am working on have outgrown this little blog as sad as that may be. After the Bristol Vanquish tournament this year I was invited to start a new website, this website would be used to setup gaming and painting events and we called it The Twelve Olympians.

At almost the same time myself and my painting Sensei Joel decided to dive into the world of commission painting. This has been a success thus far and we are hoping that this project named Fifty Shades of Wray (my surname is Wray just to clarify ;) ) and The Twelve Olympians will be able to work closely to put on the best gaming and painting events in the UK.

Thank you all for the support of this blog over the past few years and I really hope that you continue to follow me in my eternal hobby quest via these new websites.

Best regards,

Martok/Zeus/Richard/Whoever else I feel like being today

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  1. Sorry to see this blog go, it has been a source of inspiration. I am glad to hear you are not giving the hobby up though, and are instead just expanding! So I suppose it is good news :) I hope the commission painting takes off, and I will still follow you at The Twelve Olympians! Good luck!


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