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Introduction: Lucifer

Hey guys Lucifer here,

Thought it was about time I introduced myself - especially since both Martok and Gormag have done so already! I have been playing 40k for about 10 years or so - ever since I discovered Martok had a huge collection at his disposal really. Those were the days when we flew free and easy with the rules (we really had no idea) as I pitted my woefully painted Imperial Guard army against his Marines and had a couple of beers on the side. A love for the game and hobby was born!

I quickly moved into Power Armour armies after seeing just how resilient they could be and discovered  my favourite army of all time Space Wolves - before the new Kelly deck they were pretty solid and have been made more so since then. I have vast numbers of Space Wolves in various boxes around the place and they were my mainstay army through 4th and 5th editions - now need a few tweeks to bring them inline with 6th Ed.

Since then, I finally succumbed to the call of Chaos and started to build a Nurgle army - which has been in development for about 3 years although little progress has actually been made! I am going to tackle them soon and hopefully there will be some nice articles and lots of pictures as I go through this.

Currently, I am trying to finish off my Grey Knights. It started as a terminator heavy ground force but is continually evolving as I try out different unit combinations and tactics. I have recently added a Stormraven to the list and am planning to have some fun with henchmen - I have had a Coteaz and Vindicare assassin models for I don't know how long both of which have just been gathering dust.

Hopefully, I will have something to rival Martok's many articles up soon!



  1. words words words... show me your bits! Even if they aren't finished, pictures of your models tell me much more about you!

  2. Well said Oink well said! Although there are a couple of pics of his stuff in the Bat Rep we just posted.


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