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WIP - Word Bearers (01/11/12)

Martok has finally delivered some pictures of the WIP Word Bearers that have been long promised to us. Behold the sons of the Urizen.

So these guys are keeping me sane while working on the Minotaurs. The actual work involved is much, much lighter and is giving me a way to practice some blending that I will be doing for the Minotaurs. The unit will be for 20 Shaos Space Marines when finished but at the moment sits at 19 as the Aspiring Champion will have some extra work done to make him stand apart:

Here is a closer look at the one guy who I have started the OSL on. I need to darken the glow considerably I think:

So obviously these guys are still a way off. I still need to clean all the arms and bolters before I can start painting etc. I shall try and get some more work done on these soon.

So finally the Word of Aurelian graces our Blog. Do you think it was worth the wait?

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