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Tournament - Escalation 2012

Martok is here to run us through his tournament experience from Saturday and Bracknell Forest Gamers Escalation 2012.

So this weekend I learnt that playing a tournament ill is in fact as bad if not worse as playing hung over. I had been fighting flu all week but had thought I had started to get over it but halfway through the day I wanted to be at home in a blanket lol. So as I explain my way through my meager performance you now know it had nothing to do with my list or general tactics it was the flu :p

Game 1

First game of the day was against Sam and his guard. This round was 500 points with multiple objectives (the Scouring) so Sam did the sensible thing and hid most of his stuff out of LOS while scoring more objectives than I could. Halfway through the game Marbo showed up and wiped out my whole Grey Hunter squad putting the nail in the coffin of the game. Sam played this solidly and he had small playing cards to be used as markers for the random VP objectives which was very cool. Even cooler he gave me them after the game :D Thanks Sam!

Result - Loss

Game 2
My opponents name in this game is escaping me at the moment (if you are out there give me a nudge!) but he had a wonderful Dark Eldar army with scratch built Venoms and some crazy objective markers. I shall cover these with a few other choice models I noticed in a post later this week.

The game had home and away objectives so I castled with Grey Hunters and sent the dogs off to try and take his. In the end I think this game came down to first blood as the winning VP.

(edit - a commenter has reminded me that this opponents name was Alex Orchard so thanks for the game Alex!!)

Result - Win

Game 3

The 1500pt round was against Adrian's Orks. Probably the last good idea I had of the day before nurgles rot started killing my mind was to refuse flank after Adrian had deployed a good spread for a kill point game. This theoretically gave me the opportunity to focus alot of strength on one part of his army at a time. In the end though the Thunder Lords bounced taking a boyz mob down to just under 10 guys before going down. The firs guy actually went down immediately taking 3 saves and rolling 3 1s.....

Adrian then just closed the noose and it was pretty much over. Good game and great opponent.

Result - Loss

Game 4

My last game was against Laurence one of the TOs. He had a lovely Ork army with a ton of custom modeled parts.

At this point I was looking forward to getting home and going to sleep lol. I was struggling to remember anything about how to play 6th edition during this game and I cannot remember any kind of plan suffice to say in the end the Ork horde rolled over me.

Result - Loss

So my games could have gone better and I could have been a lot healthier lol. In the end I had some great games and interesting conversations with other gamer's all day. It is always a friendly atmosphere at Bracknell Forest Gamers and was well worth the ticket price.

For more information on Bracknell Forest Gamers have a look here

Keep any eye out later this week for Martok running us through some of the models that caught his eye while at the tournament,


  1. The guy with the dark eldar was Alex Orchard

  2. Thank you for the info!! Nice guy with some disgustingly evil models :) Shall edit him in now.


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