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WIP - Minotaurs Assault Sergeant

Slow progress is being made on the Minotaurs but progress none the less. Today I give you the first look at my Assault Squad
This squad will be either an Assault Squad or Vanguards... i want them to be vanguards but the points cost of arming them all with shield and spear might be a tad ridiculous....

I want them to be dynamic so I am finally using the Scibor Spartan basing kits on these guys to give them the height. Here is the first guy who will likely be the sergeant unless another one comes out looking more epic:

Pretty sure he will be having more work done to him. the spear might get replaced for something from the High Elf range as I cannot see the Halberd he currently has being particularly aerodynamic for throwing... also the hand should be closer to the blade to show he is throwing it. Finally, he should be reposed so he is more dynamic titling forward and maybe a large pin so he is actually falling through the air above the statues head. Any suggestions on the above or anything else would be appreciated.

Wrapping up for Xmas at work so currently I have very little hobby time but closer to the date I should have nothing else to do :)

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