Campaign - Mordheim Marienburg Warband

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The FLGS has started a Mordheim campaign. A game I have seen played and been aware of for a very long time but as yet had never played.

This all changed on Wednesday when I grabbed some square basers and put together my warband. I chose Marienburg for the extra Gold Coins they offer and because Witch Hunters were taken :p
To build the warband I have picked up some Empire State Troopers from GW and shall be converting them to be the peacocks that Marienburg is famous for.

Before sticking anything together though I am working through some ideas and collecting some inspiration. This post will be a collection of inspiration and a reference while I build them.

The above unit was a hodge podge of colours to show all the different origins of people living in Marienburg.. Good idea but woudl take a long time to paint...

Really like the pattern on the trousers of these guys.

Really smooth work.

This is likely the scheme I will be going with and I shall be trying to emulate some of the looks of this warband.

- Martok

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