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I have been trying to push the boat out on the Word Bearers Conversions. Above is the finalized version of my Chaos Lord although I may consider adding a Trophy Rack to his backpack as no self respecting Chaos Warlord can go without a few loyalists skulls about his person. 

Read on to see the new conversions for the Sorcerer and first squad of Word Bearer Chaos Space Marines.

I saw this model and thought it would make a good Sorceror. My plan was to remove the freak from his side and covert it up as a more traditional model. However, when I started working on the model I jsut couldn't bring myself to do it. So now this guy shall be taking a Familiar as his wargear seeing as I have really warmed to the lil weirdo.

Next is a Chaos Champion Conversion. I had built and almost painted a squad of Word Bearers converted from Dark Angel Veteran Bodies but with the new Warriors of Chaos Conversions I have added to the army they just didn't fit in anymore (I shall be finishing them and putting them on Ebay though so if anyone wants them let me know).

I am really quite happy with this guy. Proper kitbash here with a variety of parts... head from Chaos Warshrine, body from Chaos Warriors, backpack and shoulder pad from Chaos Space Marines, claws from the Raptors and Legion pad is actually a Grey Knight pad (open book is the old Word Bearers symbol). 

 Green stuff work was needed to patch up the hacked up areas of the Warrior of Chaos body. This will become a little more precise as I work through the models but I am quite happy with the result.

Personally I love the combination of the evil looking helmet and scissor hands claws. He screams Chaos Barbarian to me which is what I was aiming for.

I have had this banner from Tabletop art for a long time now waiting for the right project and this was perfect for the Word Bearers conversions. Only problem now is if I want another squad I need to find an equally epic Chaos Banner... anyone able to link me to something suitable?

Of course the mandatory full squad shot. Hopefully I shall have these guys up to a 10 man unit this eve and start work on the next squad.

- Martok

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  1. Some nice conversions.. I did a bunch of these WoC / CSM conversions as a unit of chosen. The new codex didn't set me alight and so I'm looking to sell my chaos army :\

    1. Same here! This army will likely go on Ebay but I had 95% of it on sprue going to waste so thought I might as well get them done. They shall be a batch paint on the scale of the Necrons... pretty sure I said I wouldn't do anything like that again :p


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