WIP - Marienburg Mordheim Warband

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As mentioned in a post last week I am taking part in a Mordheim campaign at the FLGS using a warband from Marienburg. The theme will be a group of disgraced Night Watchmen; implicated in smuggling, who fled Marineburg before their former colleagues could arrest them. Desperate and with no where else to turn they were drawn to Mordheim the City of the Damned.

The warband is pretty much done and ready for paint.

I wanted my Captain to have a warriors look with a touch of the piratical. To continue the theme of Marienburg I decided adding fur embellishments to clothing would be a good touch. As I had done some similar work on other heroes I have now added some extra fur around the cuffs etc on the Captain.

 Here is a good look at the cloaks I used for these guys. They are from Anvil Industry with some GS to hide some gaps with fur.

One of my 2 Swordsman. This guy is running with a 2 handed weapon. Again cloak and fur has been added to the kitbash.

My favourite thus far dual sword Champion looking for a Duel. You may notice I have used armour for the Heroes and not for the Henchman. They are not armed this way (at least not yet) but thought it was a good way to distinguish between the groups.

Finally a group shot of the warband as it stands. Hopefully, I shall soon have some paint and have given some of these guys names perhaps even adding some nicknames from my games :)

- Martok

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  1. Glad to see some old-school Mordheim action on the blog. I'm looking forward to facing this band with the Beastmen soon.

    1. Looking forward to taking on the Goats :) I shall be running coverage every Monday if possible FYI.


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