Campaign - Mordheim 2013 Week 5

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The campaign at my FLGS continues. If you want to know more details about the campaign are available on their Facebook Page

I only managed to get one game in this week due to nurgles rot and work getting in the way. This post has a few pics from that game and then my next installment of fluff.

I played against Dangermouse's Beastmen who really took me by surprise.. they are CRAZY quick. Caught out of position the game went bad pretty quick with most of the combat above downing my guys with his free to press the onslaught.

Just away from the main combat I was trying to grab some Wyrdstone and get out of dodge.. a Beastman in my way put paid to that idea.

Towards the end I tried to get my Warband into a postion where they could help out. My deployment really cost me in this game.

This weeks fluff from that game is below. If you want to catch the previous installments click here for my previous Mordheim posts.

Broken Dreams

With their new mission statement the Nights Watch set out to clean up Mordheim. This dream would never be realised. Days after saving Bram de Havik’s own Watchmen the warband saw the true horrors of Mordheim for the first time.
There are monsters in Mordheim. You cannot control such things with law you must fight them and not with lawmen but warriors born and bred for the task. Beastmen! They came from the night with little more warning then their braying charge. Before the men of the Watch knew what was happening the beasts were upon them. The men of the watch broke… their sanity pushed too far. When they stopped running, when they could no longer hear the braying they realised two of their number were missing, Bram de Havik and Lars Van der Jager; Ruben’s newest ally and his oldest son. They waited out. Hoping the two would find their way too them but by the morning they were still absent. At first light the Watchmen headed back to where they had been attacked; wary of the Beastmen. The beasts were gone however, and they had left little of the missing pair. Beastmen eat what they kill but enough was left to confirm the worst.
Ruben walked away after retrieving his son’s sword. The Watchmen followed and not a word was spoken.  
I promise to try and win a game this week :) Either way I shall continue to keep you informed. I might even share my WIPs for a new warband.. The Carnival of Chaos!

- Martok

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