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Showcase - Horus Heresy Blood Angels Tactical Squad

My Blood Angels now have the first half of the first Tactical Squad. A combat squad ready to fight equipped for use with the BA's Codex. If I ever have a game against someone using Betrayal rules I shall build a few spare models to fill out the Tactical Squads.

Much like the other BAs thus far I am really pushing my blends to give a distinct lighting change from front to back on these guys.

Blended power weapons drive me crazy but I think I am getting quicker at doing them. I used a limited palette of gold to make the Sergeant stand part from the rest of the unit.

Obviously he is caked in mud and dust again. Mainly using MIG pigments Industrial City Dirt with some others here and there for variation.

The best part about weathering is things like the above. After wasting hours of my life painting some freehand I then covered up 75% of the work.

I shall be working on the other half of the Tactical Squad as I really want to get them done soon. Keep an eye out for them and I shall also be running another Mordheim campaign post this week if that is of interest.

- Martok

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