WIP - Large Scale Ultramarines 4th Company Sergeant

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Joel from Paintmybits is smashing out another commission piece. This is a large scale Space Marine much like his previous Captain commission. This time, however, he is working on a Space Marine Captain from Uriel Ventris' 4th Company! Some WIP shots below.

Now I shall save the narration and commentary for when we run a showcase on this model but the above is a shot of Joel making bolt shells... Unreal!

 Although the model lacks the fancy detailing of the Captain I think we can all agree that he has the colour modulation on these large models truly nailed. Might have to try my own...

Hopefully, we shall have a showcase for this guy soon and Joel can spill the beans on the hard work and heartache that has gone into this 4th Company Sergeant.

- Martok

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