PIP - Nurgle Heldrake aka Plaguedrake

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When I started the Word Bearers I picked up the Heldrake kit. After stabbing myself numerous times with various plastic blades that model has attached to it I ended up getting some paint down and everything was going well. I manged to get it to this stage and then promptly fell out of love with the model entirely. 

Something about it just didn't work with the Word Bearers... Daemon Engines are for the Iron Warriors and the like... Then I realised what I should do. The Word Bearers would use Deamons pure and simple. So With that in mind I started hunting for a valid kit to use as a Dragon/Daemon.  After a short look around the GW site I decided on the Terrorgheist and I knew it was the winner.

With the kit in hand I had some decisions regarding which head to use etc.. I quite liked the bat like head as it made me think of a rodent... which given a Nurglesque paint scheme would fit quite well.

The real pain came from trying to attach the Drake to the base. I am not a big fan of  The legs were slightly too far apart to perch on the Monolith. Therefore out comes the Green Stuff and I started hacking the joints to get it posed just right.

The Monolith itself is from the Chaos Temple WFB terrain set. It was jsut teh right height to replace the flying base and as I am not a big fan of the flying bases as I think it creates a bit of a disconnect from the "realism" I am trying to create with my models. I see the base and the model are part of a diorama and a flying base breaks that illusion... however, for stuff that is actually in flight it is difficult not to use a flight stand... shall have to work something out for my next flyer :)

The painting process took quite awhile but was relatively simple. I shall be Showcasing this guy when he is 100% done and I shall go deeper into the way I painted him. Essentially it was mainly preshading followed by light coats of the greens and then washes to dirty up and shade down the colours.

- Martok

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