WIP - Minotaurs Assault Terminator

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I have started work on a mock up for my Minotaurs Assault Marines. At this point everything is just tacked together with parts still to clean and modelling work still to go. However, as a proof of concept this guy is about right.

A bit of a kit bash with parts coming from the Sanguinary Guard (chest piece), FW Cataphractii Terminator weapons (hammer)  and most of the model coming from the FW Deathshroud terminators.

 I have used brass etch from FW where I had enough space to work with. It hits home that he is in fact a Minotaur and helps differentiate him from the Deathshroud models.

Currently I have him mocked up with Asterion Molocs shield again from FW but I shall be finding suitable shields to use instead.

I shall be trying to forge ahead with the Minotaurs so that I can get them ready in time for a February 2014 tournament. That means that you should see this guy and four friends coming together soon.

- Martok

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